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Sammy Mamaïssata Doncamara – dancer, Facilitator & director.

Sammy is a generous teacher and a passionate dancer. She attended her first African dance class at the age of 15 and has been addicted ever since! Sammy has extensively studied West African and Middle Eastern dance styles including participating in two dance and music tours in Guinea, West Africa in early 2020 and 2022. Since 2011 Sammy has regularly performed with Sun of Africa Drum and Dance Ensemble, a vibrant performance group specialising in West African dance and music.

With a Diploma of Performing Arts (Acting) Sammy has a creative background in theatre devising and performance. In 2015 she won a scholarship to study improvised theatre at the Centre for Playback in New York. In 2017 she was awarded a grant by the Helpmen Academy to attend an advanced level physical theatre intensive with Zen Zen Zo in New Zealand. Sammy won the Adelaide Festival Centre inSpace Development Award for the best original performance by a South Australian artist at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Sammy first started teaching dance in 2009 with a group of women in Port Lincoln, South Australia. She enjoys making all her classes fun, supportive and stimulating. Sammy has also worked for global  organisation EY and Mate Studio as creative facilitator and workshop designer.

Inspired by the music, dance, fashion, people and culture from her travels in Guinea and a lifelong passion for African dance, Sammy’s vision of Feeling Good Afro Dance and Design is to create an accessible experience that shares her love of Africa and the Arts.

Wendy Pryor – Visual Artist, Facilitator & Designer. 

Wendy is a meticulous artist and designer specialising in all things beautiful, unique, and practical. Her grandmother taught her to sew, at the age of 4. She first realised she had talent at 8 years old when her best friend, traded her entire Barbie doll collection for a Barbie doll wedding dress Wendy created from vintage French lace.

Wendy has been designing and making garments professionally for 35 years. She loves working with fabric and has always been drawn to African designs.  

For over 15 years Wendy has owned her own business, Bespoke Bindis and other Accoutrements, where she creates stunning bespoke one-off costume pieces for performance and special events. Wendy designs specifically for dancers and enjoys the challenge of making outfits that that are eye catching yet comfortable to move in – she has sold to celebrities such as Rachel Brice and Cat Von D!

Wendy is also a belly dancer, djembe player and poet. She is passionate about social justice and community inclusion. For decades Wendy has run recreational and creative courses for socially marginalised people through government funded programs. She believes in helping others recognise their unique gifts and setting them up for success.

After returning from a music tour in Guinea, West Africa in early 2020 (yes, the same tour as Sammy!) she is have been flowing with new ideas and projects.

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